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Black Student Athletes Sue Community College District After Cutting Football Program

by Monica Levitan | January 10, 2019
Eleven African-American student athletes have filed a federal lawsuit against the Maricopa Coun [...] Read more

Southwestern Michigan College Stops State Lawsuit After New Legislation Passed

by Monica Levitan | January 10, 2019
A lawsuit filed on Jan. 4 by Southwestern Michigan College (SMC) against the Michigan’s Offic [...] Read more

Proposed New Hampshire Career Academy Program Would Help Student Obtain Degree Tuition-Free

by Monica Levitan | January 08, 2019
At his second inaugural address, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu promised the creation of the N [...] Read more

Chiefs for Change Releases new Blueprint for Postsecondary Student Success

by | January 08, 2019
Chiefs for Change, a nonprofit, bipartisan network of diverse education chiefs, recently releas [...] Read more

Former President of Community College Sued, Accused of Violating Constitutional Rights

by | January 06, 2019
Several current and former Garden City Community College employees filed a lawsuit against the [...] Read more

Ocean County College and Stockton Partner to Establish Dual Admission Program for Students

by | January 06, 2019
Ocean County College and Stockton University have partnered on a dual admission and transfer ag [...] Read more

Humanities Students from Lakeland, Lorain Community College to Receive Transition Help Through Collaborative

by | January 06, 2019
Under a new partnership, humanities students enrolled at Lakeland Community College and Lorain [...] Read more

Clinton Community College to Begin Offering Courses Taught at 4 High Schools

by | January 03, 2019
Beginning Jan. 28, SUNY Clinton Community College (CCC) located in Plattsburgh, New York, will [...] Read more