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College Keeps Accreditation, Gets Probation

by Associated Press | July 12, 2018
LAS VEGAS, N.M. — Luna Community College in New Mexico learned it will retain its national ac [...] Read more

Ask Geoffrey Canada If College is Necessary

by Suzanne Perez Tobias | July 12, 2018
Geoffrey Canada stood before a room full of community leaders at a Kansas Health Foundation sym [...] Read more

Companies, Colleges in Partnerships for Emerging Technology

by Eli Zimmerman | July 12, 2018
As recent graduates enter the workforce, many employers are not as confident in the skills th [...] Read more

Employers: No Degree? No Problem

by Roy Maurer | July 12, 2018
Nine in 10 employers report being ready to accept candidates without four-year college degrees [...] Read more

College Will Launch Apprenticeships

by Madhu Krishnamurthy | July 10, 2018
Elgin Community College this fall is partnering with local businesses to launch apprenticeship [...] Read more

California to Offer Grants for Full-Time Study

by Mikhail Zinshteyn | July 10, 2018
In an effort to get students to earn degrees in two or four years, California will give up to $ [...] Read more

Report: L.A. Trade-Tech Officials Got $157,000 for Undetailed Work

by Teresa Watanabe, Rosanna Xia | July 10, 2018
Five years ago, the Los Angeles Community College District won one of its biggest federal grant [...] Read more

Maryland Campuses Get Cyber Warrior Diversity Program

by Lango Deen | July 10, 2018
A new bill establishing the Cyber Warrior Diversity Program at Baltimore City Community College [...] Read more