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Connecticut System Leader: Won’t Resign After Merger Fails

by Associated Press | May 03, 2018
The president of the Connecticut State Colleges and University System says he’s not resig [...] Read more

Nursing Schools Reject Thousands Despite Shortages

by CNN | May 01, 2018
There’s an acute nursing shortage in the United States, but schools are turning away thou [...] Read more

Connecticut Colleges Face Uncertainty After Merger Ruling

by News12 Connecticut | April 27, 2018
A plan called “Students First” that would combine all 12 of Connecticut’s community colle [...] Read more

Adjuncts: Full-Time Part-Timers

by Catherine Warmerdan | April 27, 2018
Paul Baltimore never expected that he’d have to cobble together teaching gigs at three differ [...] Read more

Inability to Attract Faculty to Attract Faculty Hurts Rural Schools

by Matt Krupnick | April 24, 2018
From a window in the Williston State College petroleum technology laboratory, in the heart of N [...] Read more

Colleges Prepare to Train More School Resource Officers

by Colleen Wright | April 06, 2018
School districts around the state are grappling with how to properly train and station armed gu [...] Read more

The Secret Lives of Struggling Adjuncts

by Tel Andersen | February 08, 2018
A vice chancellor and a part-time college professor walk into a bar. They have a drink and star [...] Read more

ICE Takes Professor into Custody

by Nathan Vickers | February 06, 2018
A local educator and father of three is being kept from his family. He has spent the last 30 ye [...] Read more