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Inability to Attract Faculty to Attract Faculty Hurts Rural Schools

by Matt Krupnick | April 24, 2018
From a window in the Williston State College petroleum technology laboratory, in the heart of N [...] Read more

Report: LGBTQ Students at High Risk for Insecurity

by Allison Turner | April 20, 2018
An alarming new report from Temple University and the Wisconsin HOPE Lab reveals that transgend [...] Read more

California’s All-Online College Could Teach Millions

by Emily Tate | April 19, 2018
Eloy Oakley has been tasked with an enormous assignment. The chancellor of the California Commu [...] Read more

Profile: Dr. Christine Johnson McPhail Rallies Around College Access

by Jamal Watson | April 17, 2018
Dr. Christine Johnson McPhail became a pioneer in the community college world in 1998, when she [...] Read more

Faculty Oppose Online College Plan

by Adolfo Guzman-Lopez | April 13, 2018
Community college faculty are raising their voices in opposition to the creation of a new onlin [...] Read more

N.J. Free College Plan Leaves Questions

by Elise Young | April 12, 2018
Governor Phil Murphy’s $50 million pitch for free community college excludes most New Jersey [...] Read more

Arizona’s Top Court Rejects In-State Tuition for DACA

by Rachel Leingang | April 10, 2018
Arizona colleges can’t give in-state tuition to young immigrants covered under the Deferr [...] Read more

Report: Colleges Spend Less on Students of Color

by Sara Garcia | April 06, 2018
For years, researchers have highlighted the vast inequities that persist in the country’s K-1 [...] Read more