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Colleges Help Prepare Train for 3,000 Casino Jobs

by Caitlin Ashworth | February 27, 2018
SPRINGFIELD — Shannon Sutherland said she loves gambling — especially blackjack. And with t [...] Read more

Report: Community Colleges Important for Early Educators

by Linda Jacobson | February 23, 2018
Offering programs that better fit early educators’ schedules, allowing flexibility in complet [...] Read more

“Achieving the Dream” Identifies Student Issues

by Jamal Watson | February 22, 2018
NASHVILLE — Advancing equity, strengthening advising and improving pedagogy and curriculum we [...] Read more

Study: Help Students Avoid Remedial Trap

by Jill Barshay | February 20, 2018
No question, remedial education needs an overhaul. Millions of young adults get trapped in rudi [...] Read more

Certificate Programs Raise Oversight Concerns

by Max Filby | February 16, 2018
Professional certificates expedite job training and are a booming business for institutions lik [...] Read more

Study Spotlights Effective Strategies for Helping Low-Income Students Succeed

by Lois Elfman | February 15, 2018
A new report from the Working Students Success Network (WSSN) describes some of the barriers th [...] Read more

California Online College Plan Faces Skeptics

by Felicia Mello | February 13, 2018
Laticia Middleton perches in front of a computer at the Greater Sacramento Urban League’s job [...] Read more

Coalition Criticizes Trump’s Remarks

by David Saff | February 09, 2018
President Donald Trump stated his opinions on the community college sector, showing support for [...] Read more