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UTA, Dallas County Community College District Seek to Improve Transfer Credit Process

by Silas Allen | May 07, 2019
As lawmakers in Austin work out details of a plan to fix the state’s college transfer pro [...] Read more

Analysis Suggests That Free Community College Would Create a Surge in Enrollment

by Kathleen Megan | May 07, 2019
A proposal for free community college is nowhere to be found in the governor’s budget bill or [...] Read more

Success Stories at The Heart of CMT Education Tour

by Lasherica Thornton | May 05, 2019
“The fact that I felt like knowledge is important (and) school is valuable” is what Dr. Del [...] Read more

Community Colleges Will Soon Shift Away From Placement Tests

by John Dillon | May 05, 2019
A 2017 bill is expected to be widely implemented this fall across all California community coll [...] Read more

Nader Urges Connecticut Governor to Reject Community College Consolidation

by Linda Conner Lambeck | April 23, 2019
Add Ralph Nader to the list of those who think consolidating the state’s 12 community college [...] Read more

Is a Big-Ticket Plan to Help California’s Community College Students Worth The Cost?

by Vanessa Rancaño | April 23, 2019
Rey Blanco is running for president — at least if he gets enough signatures from his San Jose [...] Read more

Hawai’i Legislature Approves Funds to Support Nutrition Employment and Training Program For Students in Need

by Monica Levitan | April 19, 2019
The Hawai’i State Legislature has approved $455,000 in funding for the next two fiscal years [...] Read more

Expanding Global Education for Community College Students

by Tiffany Pennamon | April 16, 2019
ORLANDO — Efforts to empower and prepare Pitt Community College (PCC) students for success in [...] Read more