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Survey: Most 2-Year Colleges Lack Resources for Supports

by Dian Schaffhauser | October 12, 2018
While plenty of programs for first-year students — summer bridge, first-year orientation, fir [...] Read more

Tulsa College Adopts New Advising Model

by K.S. McNutt | October 09, 2018
TULSA — Tulsa Community College has achieved a goal four years in the making — providing on [...] Read more

Ohio Lawmakers Offer Plan to Ease Cost of College

by Jim Siegel | October 05, 2018
Universal tuition guarantees, tuition rates that vary by the type of degree, and more use of pr [...] Read more

Connecticut Students Will Get a Break on Cost of Texts

by Kerri-Lee Maryland | September 28, 2018
A new agreement between Connecticut State Colleges and Universities and Follett Higher Educatio [...] Read more

California Gambles with New Funding Formula 

by Jonny Rico | September 28, 2018
In her 13 years at San Diego City College, geography professor Lisa Chaddock has been known to [...] Read more

1st Generation Transfer Students Face Obstacles

by Mariam Zagub | September 27, 2018
Four years ago, Yousef Moneer decided to leave his homeland of Yemen to live with his family in [...] Read more

HBCU Hopes $10,000 Degree Pathway Will Win Students

by Jeffrey R. Young | September 27, 2018
A public university in North Carolina has teamed up with six community colleges to offer a prog [...] Read more

Brookings Report: Free College Benefits Unclear 

by Douglas Harris, Raquel Farmer-Hinton, Debbie Kim, John B. Diamond, Tangela Blakely Reavis, Kelly Krupa Rifelj, Hilary Lustick, and Bradley R. Carl | September 25, 2018
The price of college is rising, making college feel out of reach for a rising share of American [...] Read more
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