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College Scraps Traditional Textbooks

by Dino Flammia | August 09, 2018
When students step on the Warren County Community College campus in January, they can be sure o [...] Read more

First Inmates Graduate from Wesleyan Program

by Pat Eaton-Robb, Associated Press | August 07, 2018
CHESHIRE, Conn. — Roberto Alvarado has lived with the label of convicted killer for almost tw [...] Read more

NJ Ready for Free College Plan

by Nicholas Pugliese | August 03, 2018
Several thousand low-income students will be able to attend community college without tuition o [...] Read more

Study Unveils Doubts about the Worth of College

by Elyssa Kirkham | August 03, 2018
Is going to college worth the cost of student loans? Today’s college students aren’t so sur [...] Read more

Student Debt Saps Wealth for Blacks, Latinos

by Eurasia Review | August 03, 2018
Black and Hispanic adults who graduate college owing money on student loans have significantly [...] Read more

House Democrats Offer Bill to Make Community Colleges Free

by Tom Ciccotta | July 26, 2018
A new bill introduced by House Democrats would make community college degrees free for studen [...] Read more

Cuomo Takes Heat for Tuition Hike after ‘Free’ Plan

by James Ford | July 24, 2018
After expanding a program that allows students at the city’s 24 public colleges and unive [...] Read more

Why Free College Programs Succeed

by Dwyer Gunn | July 24, 2018
In a report published last week, Jen Mishory, a senior fellow at the Century Foundation, shed [...] Read more