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Virginia Stumbles on Free-Tuition Proposal

by Karin Kapsidelis | March 30, 2018
As Tennessee created a buzz with its decision to offer all residents a free community college e [...] Read more

N.J. Tuition-Free Plan Remains Murky

by Nicholas Pugliese | March 27, 2018
Gov. Phil Murphy pledged during his campaign to eliminate tuition at New Jersey’s community c [...] Read more

Grand Rapids Raises Tuition $1

by Monica Scott | March 23, 2018
GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Grand Rapids Community College students will see their tuition increas [...] Read more

Mississippi Colleges Rally for More Funding

by Morgan Wagner | March 22, 2018
Educating over 75,000 students a year, community colleges in Mississippi are banding together a [...] Read more

Baltimore County Proposes Free Tuition

by Siobhan Garrett | March 20, 2018
(WMAR) – A proposal in Baltimore County aims to provide community college tuition for a c [...] Read more

Bill Will Help Schools Collect Debts

by Robert Davidson | March 16, 2018
JACKSON, Miss. (WCBI) – Give us our tuition or give us your taxes. That’s the choice some M [...] Read more

Seattle Free College Plan Takes Shape

by Katherine Long | March 13, 2018
One of Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan’s top goals is to make community college free for every Sea [...] Read more

Dreamers’ Tuition Case Turns on Definitions

by Howard Fischer | March 09, 2018
The question of how much it will cost “dreamers” to get a higher education in Arizona could [...] Read more