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Middle-Class Students Look to Community Colleges First

by Nataly Gutierrez | April 24, 2018
Community colleges have become a more common choice for education among middle-class students i [...] Read more

Research: California Students Leave Millions on the Table

by Karen Nikos-Rose | April 20, 2018
Millions of dollars in federal aid are left unclaimed by California community college students, [...] Read more

Waiver Lets College Keep Student Loan Programs

by Bruce Schreiner | Associated Press | April 20, 2018
LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Students at a college serving Kentucky’s eastern coalfields will have [...] Read more

R.I. Free Tuition Yields Big Boost to Enrollment

by Associated Press | April 20, 2018
WARWICK, R.I. — The Community College of Rhode Island has experienced a significant boost in [...] Read more

Report: LGBTQ Students at High Risk for Insecurity

by Allison Turner | April 20, 2018
An alarming new report from Temple University and the Wisconsin HOPE Lab reveals that transgend [...] Read more

For DREAMers, a Win and a Loss on In-State Tuition

by Julianne Hing | April 19, 2018
With a US Congress seemingly incapable of overhauling the immigration system, states have taken [...] Read more

Study Questions College as Great Equalizer

by Gail MarksJarvis | April 19, 2018
Shavondra Britton had a pretty typical high school experience. “They focused all the time on [...] Read more

DACA Advocates Frustrated by Arizona Ruling

by Chris McCrory | April 12, 2018
Hours after the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that students under the Deferred Action for Childho [...] Read more