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Report: L.A. Trade-Tech Officials Got $157,000 for Undetailed Work

by Teresa Watanabe, Rosanna Xia | July 10, 2018
Five years ago, the Los Angeles Community College District won one of its biggest federal grant [...] Read more

JP Morgan Chase Helps Fund College Targeting Chicago’s Latino Community

by Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz | June 29, 2018
JPMorgan Chase is helping to bankroll a new two-year college to prepare low-income Chicagoans [...] Read more

Michigan Governor Signs $100 M ‘Marshall Plan for Talent’

by Mark Cavitt | June 28, 2018
Will $100 million help to fill Michigan’s talent pipeline, give employers the skilled workers [...] Read more

Google Expanding I.T. Support Program

by Natalie Van Kleef Conley, Sean Gallagher | June 28, 2018
Today’s red-hot job market demands new approaches to skill building, and community colleges [...] Read more

Google Works with Colleges to Train I.T. Force

by Melissa Locker | June 26, 2018
Google is going back to college. The company announced today that it is bringing its IT Suppor [...] Read more

9 Kentucky Trooper Cadets Earn Degrees

by Associated Press | June 22, 2018
FRANKFORT, Ky. — Kentucky State Police announced a hiring policy change a year ago that allow [...] Read more

Training Evolves to Keep Up with Manufacturing

by Denice Thibodeau | June 22, 2018
The world of manufacturing is changing rapidly and to get the next generation ready for how thi [...] Read more

Colleges Help Fill Aerospace Gear Maker’s Openings

by Rebecca Lurye | June 15, 2018
A Windsor company that builds precision aerospace gears has expanded its manufacturing space b [...] Read more