Community College News Now
by Hope Lecchi

The Missouri Department of Higher Education announced a new initiative Oct. 12 designed to increase the odds of students graduating in two years with an associate of arts degree from community colleges and a bachelor’s degree in four years if they attend a state university. The “15 to Finish” initiative encourages all students to take […]

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by Mike Cason

Leaders of the Alabama Community College System say they are stepping up efforts to work with the private sector to create and fill jobs. The ACCS held a news conference today to introduce Jeff Lynn as the system’s senior executive of workforce and economic development. Lynn comes to Alabama from Louisiana, where he had worked […]

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by Christopher Ortiz

Earning a master of business administration can cost $45,000 to $60,000 at the University of New Mexico. But a new program at Central New Mexico Community College could cut the cost of earning an MBA by more than half. This week CNM announced a new partnership with the University of New Mexico that gives students […]

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by Danielle Douglas-Gabriel

Hillary Clinton said during the debate that as president, tuition at public colleges and universities would be free for students from households earning up to $125,000, as part of a far-reaching $450 billion higher education plan. So how would she pay for that? Clinton’s campaign has said the candidate would reinstitute Ronald Reagan-era cuts on […]

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10 Reasons to Love Clinton’s College Policies

by Sarah Lewis

1. Restores funding through tax fairness. Clinton has put forward a robust federal funding program to provide states with increasingly large matching grants to correct state disinvestment in public higher education—the root cause of today’s high costs of attendance. The cost of the New College Compact will be entirely covered by closing tax loopholes for […]

Affordable Education Is Critical to Promising Future

by Don Kusler

The issues facing America’s colleges and its college students have rightfully been getting plenty of attention this presidential election campaign. After all, education is key in attaining financial health. Time and again, financial success has been linked with schooling, whether it occurs in a trade school, community college or four-year university. The average annual income […]

U.S. Can’t Afford “Free”

by The Midland Daily News

Have you ever noticed how easy it is for politicians to promise you the moon even though there is no way possible to pay for what they promise? Former President Bill Clinton did that during a visit to Saginaw last Monday. He outlined wife Hillary Clinton’s plan for higher education if she is elected president […]