Community College News Now
by Mark Cavitt

Oakland County Michigan Works! has partnered with The Henry Ford Health System, Oakland Community College and Henry Ford College in order to address a shortage of in-demand talent. For the first time in southeast Michigan, a no-cost medical assistant apprenticeship program will be available to college students. The program provides $8,000 worth of classroom instruction, […]

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by Laura Isensee

On a recent Monday afternoon at Texas Woman’s University in the Medical Center, it was delivery day. It’s always a little bit of a surprise what arrives from the Houston Food Bank. Graduate student Torrey Alexis unpacked boxes and found lettuce for garden salads, a whole mixture of fruits and frozen sausages. “And bags of […]

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by Nataly Gutierrez

Community colleges have become a more common choice for education among middle-class students in the United States. Students may not want to attend UC or CSU institutions after high school as they may be indecisive in regards to what they want to major in while many look to community college for its affordability. Many students […]

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by Matt Krupnick

From a window in the Williston State College petroleum technology laboratory, in the heart of North Dakota’s oil country, Alberto Bellina can see a Halliburton oil complex tucked against snow-covered hills. Bellina teaches at the college. But unfortunately for rural schools like Williston State, he’s looking at his future. “Let’s face it: A guy who’s […]

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The Case for Free College

by Harry Zehner

A college education serves numerous critical functions. It has long been recognized as a legitimate means of alleviating cyclical poverty and increasing class mobility. Individuals with college degrees are more likely to vote and be active in the community. Higher education benefits society as well; countries with educated populaces have better, more responsive governments. When […]

Dear Mr. Trump,

by Mark Erickson

Community colleges are in the news again, but for a different reason than usual. Years ago, we were lauded for flexibility in meeting needs of the communities we serve. Then we became a focus of intense national discussion about providing a community college education free to all citizens. We were back in headlines again earlier […]

Adult Learners’ Needs

by Anya Kamenetz

More than 2 out of 3 college students today are not coming straight out of high school. Half are financially independent from their parents, and 1 in 4 are parents themselves. David Scobey says that, as an American studies and history professor at the University of Michigan for decades, he was “clueless” about the needs […]