Community College News Now
by Sara K. Satullo

Warren County Community College already boasts one of New Jersey’s top graduation rates, and now a leading higher ed publication says it is one of the best at guaranteeing student success. That’s according to a new report by The Chronicle of Higher Education that looks at the success of community college students beyond just graduation […]

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by Zach Wheeler

WASHINGTON (NEWS10) — Federal lawmakers are now considering a bill that would expand access to child care for parents enrolled in community college. A recent government report shows that about 20 percent of students are parents, and they struggle to find affordable, quality child care. About half of those students leave school without a degree. […]

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by Madhu Krishnamurthy

Growing up in the Northwest suburbs, Daliyah Sanders often felt isolated from her peers as the only black student in her class practically since kindergarten through high school. “It’s been my reality my entire life,” said Sanders, 19, of Schaumburg. It’s why connecting with peers and professors in college was an important motivator for Sanders […]

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by Olivia Jaquith

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (WENY) — Enrollments at most community colleges nationally are declining, and that trend is not leaving New York untouched. At Clinton Community in the North Country, the student body has plummeted 45 percent over the last decade. The Albany Times Union now reports that the college is awaiting approval of a federal program that […]

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Economist Not Accurate in Criticism of Ivy Tech Community College

by Sue Ellspermann and Chris Lowery

Developing an economy “built to last” is hard work. It was just a decade ago that numerous Indiana counties hit double digit unemployment rates during the Great Recession. We applauded the Indiana Economic Development Corp. and the local developers in our communities who attracted new jobs, regardless of their pay. These jobs augmented those provided […]

A Simple Proposal to Revive the American Dream

by Rahm Emanuel

During the industrial age, when high school was the gateway to the American dream, public-school systems covered the costs of earning a diploma. Today, however, as associate’s degrees have replaced high-school diplomas as the indispensable ticket into the middle class, families are forced to cover the costs of tuition and more. If the information-age economy […]

Renaming to Lively Technical College is a Good, Necessary Step Forward

by Mary Ann Lindley

Congratulations to the Leon County School Board for taking a significant step into the future by the simple renaming of Lively Technical Center. Its new name is Lively Technical College, a distinction that tells students it’s a new day. Read More