Community College News Now
by Al Campbell

COURT HOUSE – Dr. Barbara Gaba, Atlantic Cape Community College’s ninth president, and in office less than three weeks, addressed the Cape May County Chamber of Commerce luncheon meeting Feb. 16 at the local campus. Her address contained an outline of the agenda that would place the college in a position its founders envisioned, one […]

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by Curt Lanning

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — An Oregon legislator has filed a bill that would require community colleges and public universities to expel any student convicted of rioting. Senate Bill 540 would require any student convicted of rioting under ORS 166.015 to be expelled. ORS 166.015 defines rioting as, “participating with five or more other persons [while […]

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by Sarah Hoover

It probably won’t be as cut-throat as Shark Tank, but Bucks County Community College is launching a contest inspired by that TV show. The Start Me Up Challenge is offering up to $100,000 and mentoring by area investors to entrepreneurs with winning concepts. Bill Borchert, CEO of Integrated Financial Services, brought the concept to the […]

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by Joseph Williams

It’s a statistic no educator—or student—would boast about: Half a million high school graduates, or about one in four, can’t perform math or write English well enough to avoid having to take remedial classes when they get to community college. Those get-up-to-speed courses, however, typically add years to college completion time and thousands of dollars […]

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Community Colleges Can Heal Divisions

by Gail Mellow, DeRionne Pollard

The economic polarization in the country, a national debate too often laden with an undercurrent of racism and infused with xenophobia, has muddled an objective assessment of our nation’s actual challenges. Americans live in more segregated communities, and attend more segregated schools now than in the past 20 years. Perhaps that is one reason the […]

State Senator: Do the Math on Free Tuition

by Sen. Rich Funke

“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.” That’s the classic line from “The Wizard of Oz” when we learn there is no wizard at all, just an old carnival barker with a gift for deception. Sadly, the same sentiment applies to parts of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s executive budget this year as well. Take […]

Duh, Virginia! Could Tuition Rise Explain Enrollment Loss?

by The Richmond Times-Dispatch

The smart folks who oversee Virginia’s colleges and universities are flummoxed. For the life of them, they can’t figure out why recent enrollment isn’t higher. After all, Virginia high schools graduated 3,233 more students last year than the year before, including an additional 1,368 with advanced diplomas, which align with college entrance requirements. Yet enrollment […]