Community College News Now
by Eric Besson

At least two Arkansas nursing colleges have informed current students who received federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals protections that they cannot obtain state professional licenses because of their legal status, officials said Friday. The news — which jarred one student to tears — aligns with long-standing state law and policies that define who is […]

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by Pat Donachie

Certificate programs have continued to see an expansion in enrollment. But, many students in these programs are still struggling to pay back education loans, with 44% of certificate students who borrowed in the 2003-04 school year having defaulted by 2015, according to the Wall Street Journal. Considering the default rate, many educators and policymakers have […]

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by Emily Wilkins

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is asking the Education Department to skirt its rules and make an exception to provide federal dollars to a college in his home state — even though a high percentage of its graduates defaulted on their students loans for the last three years. McConnell’s move is part of a larger […]

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by Jillian Berman

Freshmen entering college this fall left $2.3 billion in financial aid on the table by not filling out the free application for federal student aid or the FAFSA, according to an analysis published Monday by NerdWallet, a personal finance site. Researchers at the site came to this number by estimating the number of high school […]

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Will $25 B for a Wall Save Jobs?

by Maureen Downey

President Donald Trump want to build a wall between Mexico and the United Stated projected to cost $25 billion to stem illegal immigration and protect American-born workers. The wall is the No. 1 priority on the White House Immigration principles released Sunday night. Would that be money well spent? The White House press is reporting […]

“Free” Is Good

by Darren Johnson

I intended to write a big followup to last month’s cover story on how the “free tuition” Excelsior Scholarship played out in New York this fall, as SUNY had expected to have final numbers by mid-September. But as of press time, they haven’t come. I put out a query to numerous community colleges to get […]

Students who dually enroll in college classes do better after high school

Students who dually enroll in college classes do better after high school

by Michael Goot

New York students who were dually enrolled in college classes while in high school had higher college completion rates than the national average, according to a national study. Dual enrollment accounted for about 21 percent of new community college students in New York, which is higher than the national average of 15 percent, according to […]