Community College News Now
by Max Filby

Southwest Ohio’s four community colleges have seen explosive growth as the cost of a four-year degree and the demand for skilled workers continues to spike. Sinclair, Clark State, Edison State and Cincinnati State have expanded beyond their four main campuses in recent years to 17 locations in six counties where they offer two-year degrees, certificate […]

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by Big Island Now

U.S. Sens. Brian Schatz (D-Hawai‘i), Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Cory Booker (D-N.J.) introduced on Sept. 13, 2018, the Beyond the Box for Higher Education Act, new legislation that would encourage colleges and universities to remove criminal and juvenile justice questions from their admissions applications and give more Americans a chance to earn a higher education. […]

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by Morgan Hughes

Prison changed Jose Bou’s life in a way he never expected. While serving a 12-year sentence for drug trafficking, Bou earned a bachelor’s degree from Boston University through a special program for incarcerated students. Since his release seven years ago, Bou has become a community college professor and a mentor to others caught up in […]

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by Eva-Marie Ayala

Many Texas students enroll in community colleges hoping to eventually transfer to a university, but only about 20 percent of them end up doing it. And each year, students spend nearly $60 million in tuition, fees and other costs on excess courses that won’t help them earn a bachelor’s degree. The time wasted and mounting […]

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Drink It In 


There’s a meme that keeps popping up that says “hmmmm … and yet another day has passed and I did not use Algebra once … very interesting.” Oh, but we Americans do have a strong anti-intellectual strain in our collective DNA. Never mind that anytime we cross a bridge or travel through a tunnel or, […]

Ready to Work

by Grand Forks Herald

The junior college systems in Minnesota and North Dakota rank among the best in America, and our local community college on the Minnesota side of the Red River holds a lofty spot of prominence in national rankings. So says the company WalletHub, a personal finance website known for all sorts of rankings related to finances […]

The Challenge

by Greg Hamann

We know a college education has never been more essential to the success of families seeking living-wage jobs. And we know that for many, community colleges provide a critical — and sometimes an only — pathway to a meaningful credential. And yet, precisely because of their unique role, community colleges are also responsible for educating […]