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Pueblo Community College President Patty Erjavec says the school she leads has a recipe for success. And after hearing that PCC was the recipient of a five-year, $2.4 million Title V grant from the U.S. Department of Education, she said the success can develop even more. “We are very excited because we have not received […]

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by Mark E. Lett

It’s natural when you hit your 50s to take action to strengthen your financial security. Such is the case for Wayne County Community College District this year as it observes its Golden Anniversary and asks voters to approve a tax proposal to sustain operations. The college is seeking approval Nov. 6 to combine and continue […]

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by Chris English

A new $14 million building planned for Bucks County Community College’s Gene & Marlene Epstein campus in Bristol Township will enhance and expand the college’s jobs training programs and help fill the “skills gap” for local and regional manufacturers and businesses, according to college and county officials. Speaking during a brief ceremony on the campus […]

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Cape Fear Community College was awarded a $1.9 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education, the largest grant the school has ever received. The Title III grant will be used for staffing and equipment to assist students, according to a news release Tuesday. The school has already received its first payment of $396,518, with […]

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Affordable College

by Melissa Casey

Throughout the years, college has gotten more expensive than it has ever before, and it seems like the cost keeps rising. Even though the state and federal governments and the universities provide financial aid, it can still be tough for families of students attending the institution of higher education. “A college has many funders. Federal […]

Model College Agreements 

by Steve Haner

Northern Virginia Community College-George Mason U. Agreement Model for Other Schools  Under prodding from the General Assembly that goes back years, Virginia’s four-year institutions are finally developing an easier path from community college to a bachelor’s degree.  Unfortunately for students, it is spreading slowly.  Unfortunately for anybody obstructing the process, there is one place where […]

Defining Success

by Jack K. Mandel

The word success means different things to people. Perhaps it symbolizes money and what it can buy (a BMW or a Jaguar). Perhaps it signifies personal fulfillment and self-esteem. Often, it is a combination of achieving material wealth and personal happiness. Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy what you are doing while the money rolls […]