Community College News Now
by Jarrett Carter

California’s community college system recently introduced a virtual space for academic learning, data storage and student engagement, becoming the first and one of the largest non-four year systems to implement the technology, according to Campus Technology. The NETLAB+ system allows students in forensics, cybersecurity, networking, Linux and computer support to have increased access to shared […]

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by Jarrett Carter

The Center for American Progress reveals that students pay more than $1.3 billion in tuition and fees each year for remedial courses which qualify them for academic credits, but do not count towards graduation. California had the highest rate of out-of-pocket remedial spending with more than $205 million, while Alaskan students spent just $1.1 million, […]

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by Andrew Theen

Thousands of community college students will start fall classes next week through the Oregon Promise — a program designed to make school more affordable. But the costs of attending school won’t necessarily be completely covered by the state program, which may come as a surprise to some parents and students who heard about “free community […]

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by Anne Wallace Allen

As voters in Ada and Canyon counties prepare to decide on a $180 million bond for construction at the College of Western Idaho, educators in eastern Idaho are also gearing up for a major expansion of that area’s community college offerings. Under a plan supported by the Idaho Falls mayor’s office and local groups, Eastern […]

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Scholarships Help Combat Inequality

by Hilary Pennington

Education has long been called the “great equalizer” in helping families and individuals attain the American dream. But it’s become increasingly harder to ignore deepening inequality within our higher education system. Due to a variety of factors – the rising cost of college, cuts to government funding and limited or subpar early education opportunities for […]

Growing Community College Leaders

by J.D. Rottweiler, Ph.D.

Leaders are in demand at community colleges across the nation. A study by the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) and the Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) found that 75 percent of survey respondents anticipated retiring within 10 years, and that colleges also could expect significant turnover among senior administrators and faculty. While progress […]

Fix California Community Colleges

It’s been three years since the board of directors of California’s 113 community colleges enacted its “if we don’t build it they won’t come” policy, and the results are plain depressing. In an effort to save money, the directors decided to prohibit students from repeating classes they’ve already taken, which to a bean counter might […]