Community College News Now
by Associated Press

Delaware County Community College’s Board of Trustees in Pennsylvania has unanimously selected Dr. L. Joy Gates Black, currently vice chancellor for Academic Affairs and Student Success at Tarrant County College District (TCC) in Fort Worth, Texas, to become the school’s president. Dr. Black will succeed Dr. Jerry Parker, who will retire on June 30, after […]

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by Associated Press

BATTLE CREEK — A Battle Creek community college is being sued by a student and two others who say they were arrested while peacefully distributing the U.S. Constitution last fall. Michelle Gregoire says she was told she needed permission to distribute written materials. A lawsuit filed Wednesday in federal court accuses Kellogg Community College of […]

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by Catherine Morris

At Portland Community College (PCC), administrators and faculty are looking for ways to meet the needs of some of the most vulnerable students on campus, including students who have previously been in the foster care system. College assistance programs for former foster youth, or foster alumni, vary state by state. California, for instance, offers foster […]

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by Jordan Friedman

For Nathan Legleiter, a Kansas resident who works as a compliance analyst at a bank, community college was just the first step of a post-secondary education. Legleiter went straight into the workforce after high school. He didn’t decide until years later to pursue his associate degree primarily online at Barton Community College in Great Bend, […]

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Legislative Silliness in Arizona

The legislative session is barely two weeks old and we’re already seeing some wild and wacky bills. Two have come from a Flagstaff representative, both targeting education. In his first bill, Rep. Bob Thorpe wants to make it illegal for state secondary schools to offer in-state tuition rates to “dreamers,” children of illegal immigrants. If […]

What Community Colleges Should Be

by Ryan Craig

I love community colleges. My mother spent her career as a faculty member at Toronto’s George Brown College where she taught sociology and courses to nursing students on dealing with death and dying, which led to many grim but memorable conversations around the house. But we all recognized that community college paid for our hockey […]

The Stigma of Community College

by Hannah Novotny Logan

There is a certain stigma associated with going to a community college. Someone who plans on attending a community college is often seen as not smart enough or too poor to get into a university. When we think of a community college we often think of a boring school experience. Most people associate going to […]