Community College News Now
by Clay Jackson

Richland Community College students studying nursing now have another option for continuing to pursue a bachelor’s degree or go even higher. Representatives of Illinois State University’s Mennonite College of Nursing and Richland signed a memorandum of understanding on Monday that will allow the community college’s students to seamlessly transfer to ISU. The agreement also allows students to […]

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by Magdala Louissaint

 Local colleges in the Lynchburg area want to tear down cost barriers for students. Right now, Central Virginia Community College students can take free classes at Randolph College. The co-enrollment program allows CVCC students to take a course at Randolph for the same cost of a CVCC class. School leaders say they’re also changing when […]

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by Sturgis Journal

Transferring to a four-year college or university from Glen Oaks Community College will become simpler thanks to new transfer agreements signed with 25 Michigan colleges and universities. “The initiative, directed by the Michigan Community College Association, provides clear direction and guidelines to assure students a smooth transfer,” said Glen Oaks President David H. Devier. “This […]

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by Shailaja Neelakantan

New research shows that there have been robust results for students enrolled in Early College High School (ECHS) programs, many of which have the potential to close persistent achievement gaps. American Institutes for Research (AIR) said in a recent policy brief, based on studies it conducted, that ECHS programs have a positive, lasting impact on postsecondary enrollment […]

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Economist Not Accurate in Criticism of Ivy Tech Community College

by Sue Ellspermann and Chris Lowery

Developing an economy “built to last” is hard work. It was just a decade ago that numerous Indiana counties hit double digit unemployment rates during the Great Recession. We applauded the Indiana Economic Development Corp. and the local developers in our communities who attracted new jobs, regardless of their pay. These jobs augmented those provided […]

A Simple Proposal to Revive the American Dream

by Rahm Emanuel

During the industrial age, when high school was the gateway to the American dream, public-school systems covered the costs of earning a diploma. Today, however, as associate’s degrees have replaced high-school diplomas as the indispensable ticket into the middle class, families are forced to cover the costs of tuition and more. If the information-age economy […]

Renaming to Lively Technical College is a Good, Necessary Step Forward

by Mary Ann Lindley

Congratulations to the Leon County School Board for taking a significant step into the future by the simple renaming of Lively Technical Center. Its new name is Lively Technical College, a distinction that tells students it’s a new day. Read More