Community College News Now
by Yesenia Coello

Before four-year colleges became unreasonably expensive, community colleges used to get a bad rep. These days, however, most students and outsiders agree that community college is an affordable alternative that provides quality education on par with (and often even exceeds) traditional schools. So of course you get the opportunity to take some interesting courses such […]

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by Kelly Ragan

Front Range Community College will soon offer a bachelor’s degree in nursing, according to a news release. The program is intended to help meet a growing need for skilled health care providers in Colorado, while offering students an affordable route to a job in their home state. At a meeting July 12, the State Board […]

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by Steve Haner

Nothing like losing a quarter of your customers to get your attention. That basically is what has happened to Virginia’s Community College System, with last term’s enrollment down 57,000 (actually only 22 percent) from its peak six years ago during the early days of the economic recovery. That drop exceeds the total enrollment at the […]

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by Sheri Porter

Health care leaders and policymakers across the country have long maintained that a robust primary care workforce is the best way to provide high-quality, continuous and affordable health care to a growing and diverse U.S. population. It’s also no secret that family medicine owns a bigger chunk of the primary care pie than any other […]

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Protecting the Brand

by Jim Carnett

I was Orange Coast College’s public relations director for 37 years, from 1971 through 2008. Disneyland may be the happiest place on earth, but to my mind OCC is the most encouraging, enlightening and accommodating place on the planet. I’ve loved being a Coast student, career employee and alumnus. As public relations director, I was […]

17 Top-Paying Jobs

by Maurie Backman

With college costs going nowhere but up, the idea of getting a four-year degree might seem overwhelming from a financial perspective. Case in point: For the previous academic year, tuition alone at a four-year in-state public school cost an average of $9,970 on an annual basis, while out-of-state tuition cost an average of $25,620 a […]

Remembering the Consumer

by Carol D'Amico

Your opinion matters. Tell us about your shopping experience. No sooner do we pay for coffee or exit an Apple Store, than we are inundated with questionnaires, surveys, or flash polls that solicit our views as consumers. The ubiquity of mobile computing enables retailers to curate products that pique our interest and experiences that satiate our […]